Capricorn Tarot Astrology Report

 Tarot Astrology: Capricorn Tarot Horoscope

December 22 – January 19

Capricorn Tarot Suit:  Pentacles
Capricorn Element:  Earth
Capricorn Direction: South
Capricorn Season: Winter
Capricorn Tarot Card:  Queen of Pentacles

Tarot Astrology: Capricorn Tarot Horoscope and The Suite of Pentacles

The suit of pentacles represents all that resides in the physical world. This includes material gain, financial security, emotional stability, and the fruits of our labor. It is the suit of manifestation and realization. It is also the suit of health and the “physical body”. It is not surprising than, that the element is earth. In this case, the element of earth refers to mother earth and to the associations of growth and fertility.  It is the suit of material resources and can refer to all that this earth can give us. On a more practical level, the suit of pentacles can refer to matters of real-estate, property, and industry. Often, pentacles may represent anything that may have to due with the exchange of money. Pentacles   represent matters of trust, generosity, commitment and egalitarianism. They may propose actions of charity, kindness, and the defending of those who are being treated unfairly.

The suit of pentacles also encompasses our own, personal value system. They represent our code of ethics and often refer to personal growth in our external consciousness. In other words, the pentacles can signify shifts in our ego related philosophies. It is the suit of giving and receiving and they denote the cyclical nature of our affairs, both personally and professionally.

Capricorn Tarot Horoscope Card: The Queen of Pentacles

In tarot astrology, the tarot horoscope card most closely aligned with Capricorn is the Queen of Pentacles. The Queen of Pentacles is grounded to the earth. She is the ultimate symbol of mother earth. Able to multi-task, the Queen of Pentacles often represents the working mother. She is capable of earning money while not neglecting her children or home life. She is also very capable of handling financial issues. She thinks ahead and plans for her and her family’s security. She is a provider, focusing on the interest of her family. Her home environment is very important to her. She prefers a home full of comforts and modern amenities. She is also very aware of her body. She may enjoy physical activity and certainly is aware of her own sexuality. She pays attention to her clothes, accessories, jewelry and overall appearance. She is talkative, social and enjoys close personal relationships. She is a nurturer and cares deeply for those in her life.

As the Queen of Pentacles, you are practical and sensible. People often come to you for sound advice. You are both confident and nurturing. These two qualities enable you to be a great parent. You concern yourself with the welfare of others. You may be drawn to public service. You have an excellent mind for business and would enjoy being your own boss. You also have the necessary skills to be a good manager. When you put your mind to something, success usually follows. You have a creative nature and when directed, you can produce  beautiful things. You love all things that are luxurious but can appreciate the simpler things in nature.  The Environment is very important to and your prefer an organized surrounding.

Although your family is very important you, you may have the tendency to be overly dependent on them. You may be prone to mood swings and depression. Your emphasis on the material can lead to greed and self-centeredness. Your own fears and self-doubts can lead to insecurity. You may also be prone to over emphasize your appearance.

Personality Traits:

  • Practical
  • Ethical
  • Nurturing
  • Family Focused
  • Ambitious
  • Strong Organizational Skills
  • Social
  • Good at Money Management
  • Strong Work Ethic
  • Perfectionist
  • Ambitious
  • Materialistic

Career Aptitudes:

  • Personal Financial Planner
  • Social Worker
  • Interior Designer
  • Banker
  • Real-Estate Agent
  • Public Service
  • Management
  • Mediator
  • Counselor
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