For Love of The Fool Tarot Card

For Love of The Fool Tarot Card
Tarot Reading and the Path of the Fool

In tarot reading, the path of the Fool is a metaphor for the journey of life. The Fool is a symbol for all things new: new directions, new relationships, new levels of consciousness or any circumstance which represents the unknown. The Fool Tarot card is the card of beginnings. Its appearance in Tarot readings often indicates that a new journey awaits you.

There is much more to the Fool, however, than just new opportunities. On the contrary, the path of the Fool is one that requires you to be present and conscious of your experiences. He asks you to diligently stay aware of your inner self and its development. Often symbolized by a white rose, the Fool is pure soul and spirit. He is called into action by the beckoning of his own heart as he intuitively knows that his inner being must grow in order to thrive.

In Tarot reading, the Fool is the optimist, constantly striving to express his personal freedom without inhibition.  His sole desire is to manifest his dreams regardless of the challenges that lie before him. His innocent nature allows him to experience each situation as a new one. He is spontaneous, creative and original. He is an unconventional dreamer and mystic. He sees beauty in all things.

On the other hand, should the Fool lose touch with his own heart or inner soul, his optimism can turn into carelessness. He may become negligent of the signs that surround him and take unnecessary risks. He can live in a world of delusions and perceive the world as a place of confusion. He no longer will strive for his own individuality and will, instead, settle for conformity.

We must never loose our inner Fool. In tarot reading, he is a reminder that we must choose to become conscious of the paths we take. His is the hero, forever hopeful and eager to meet any challenge that lies ahead of him.

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