Finding Love Through The Tarot

You can Improve Your Love Life By Working With Tarot

People have, in general, a mistaken idea about a tarot reading. They imagine that it is a game involving psychic readings. However, while tarot readings do involve a psychic aspect, the main reason they are used is as a tool to help people discover a direction that they should be taking in their lives.

If you are interested in the tarot, you will be interested by some of the facts I will divulge later on. It is true that the tarot can help one choose a path for their life, but it can also reveal how the future may unfold. It can even help the seeker choose their own future. Before I lay all of this out, however, allow me to explain how the tarot is read by the psychics.

Many psychics will use predetermined meanings with the cards when they use the tarot for a divination. Still, others will use the cards' symbolism as a way to make their interpretation. The richness and intensity of the symbolism on many tarot decks may allow a psychic to use only the first few symbols on the card for their interpretation of the question. I basically use a combination of these systems.

Let us boil it down to just a couple of things though. You need to know that everybody is psychic, you included. The majority of people have not developed their psychic powers. I am sure, however, that you have experienced plenty of moments in your life that made you think, Wow, it is almost as though I just had a psychic experience. You did, you just did not understand the power. The other thing to bear in mind is that for our purposes at the moment, you will not have to worry about memorizing any of the cards' meaning. All you have to do is work with what you see. Allow me to explain:

1. Buy the Right Deck

Visit as many stores as you can and look at the decks. You do not need to observe them, just look. You will see decks that are trite, and decks that are patronizing, and worse. Do not observe, just keep looking. You will know when you have found the deck that is right for you, because actually,  it will have found you. When a deck chooses you and you cannot stop looking at it, that is the deck to buy.

2. Find the Love You Most Desire

You are going to go candle shopping now. Buy a green candle if you seek a rich, romantic love. If you desire a mad, passionate love, find a red candle. If you seek a spiritual love, you will want a white candle. If you are female buy a silver candle, and gold, if you are a male. Find a second candle to match the sex of the one you want to join your life with.

3. Pre Sleep

Give yourself a lot of space on a table. Put the candles in holders. The red, white, or green candle goes in the center of the table. Light the candle and say, This light glows over the love I want to come into my life. Form a triangle by placing the gold and silver candles closer to you at the edge of the table. The color representing you will be on the left. Do not light these candles yet.

4. The Card

Take the card called The Lovers, and put it between you and the candles on the table. As you shuffle the deck, concentrate on what kind of love you want to bring into your life. Place the cards sideways across the Lovers card so it is still visible.

5. Light the Other Candles

Light the other two candles, and slowly bring them closer together in front of you as you say the words, Allow the Tarot To Guide me and bring the love I seek to me.

6. Bring three cards at random out from the deck. Do not bother looking at their names, just see the symbolism. Ponder it, thank the Tarot and bring the two candles closer. Continue to look at the cards and even draw more if you like. Bring the candles yet closer.

7. When you feel you can devine no more from the Tarot, blow the candles out and retire to bed. Be alert to your dreams, and trust your intuition from you interpretation of the love Tarot, for it will bring you to the love you are looking for.


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