Dream Interpretation and Tarot Reading

Using Tarot Reading For Dream Interpretation

A great tool is available to those interested in the dream state and exploring spiritual and self-development. That tool is the Tarot deck and the mystical symbols it contains.

It is not the cards themselves where the power of the symbolic Tarot lays but instead in the ability of the reader to comprehend and understand the relevant messages. As soon as one develops their psychic abilities they truly have a direct window available into their mind. The Tarot can provide images of their inner truths that are very clear ones, various character traits, beliefs and possible choices which one can consider.

tarot reading and dreams can be interpreted using an age old technique.

-have handy a pen, pencil, notepad or sheets of paper.

-secure a space which is very quiet and where there will be no interruptions.

-burn some essential oils or incense (aromatherapy).

-play in the background some empowering music and perhaps light a candle.

-clear the mind and try to relax totally so as to more easily be receptive and open to images and messages.

-while in this intuitive state, try to focus on the cards and their meaning in relation to the dreams you are having.

-because they are the archetypal cards only the Major Arcana should be used.

-after shuffling the deck the dream should be focused on and reviewed in the here and now present tense. After reviewing the dream and recalling and remembering it's main points the deck should be cut up into three different piles so as to be able to form a triangle. The next step is to turn over the pile at the triangle's apex so that the bottom card will be revealed.

-when you view the card note what you think and feel instantly and write it down. Note the symbology and intricate details and record the first impressions you receive. The imagery and feelings should then be described.

-use the impulses, emotions, feelings and messages as the catylist to unlocking the dream's messages and hidden meanings.

-if further verification or details are needed the remaining piles should be turned over and the bottom cards noted. The process described above should then be repeated. Dream interpretation and tarot cards can offer so much to those seeking to go deeper into themselves.


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