Destiny vs. Freewill

Many philosophers have reached an agreement that situations in life are generally planned ahead through destiny, or perhaps a result of freewill, thus resulting to an ultimate chaos and a wide opportunity of possibilities. These philosophers often think that it can only be either destiny or freewill, but not both.

However, different studies, even ones using memories that have been hypnotically accessed offer an understanding to this issue, and provide an explanation to these assumptions.


The Journey of Life

Several things in our life happen as we continue in our journey in life. Along life’s path, we experience many things, we grow, and we learn and develop. Our life also has its own unique way of allowing our bodies to recuperate and rest after undergoing very troublesome and stressful encounters.

According to the studies mentioned, when people tend to plan their next life, they usually begin with an option on the life situations that they can pursue. This will assist in addressing the different issues that needs to be dealt with in the next life. As what supporters of destiny believes in, each life has its own set of goals for a person to experience. These goals are often referred to define destiny, with the belief that a person gets to prepare his next life.

Because various trials cause unpleasant scenarios in life, many people usually give in to the easy understanding that they cannot do anything to control their life because it has already been predestined. It is so much easier to conclude this way, rather than coming up with assumptions as to why things happen as they do.


The Ultimate Choice

Freewill, on the other hand, is based on the notion that things happen as consequences to a previous action. In every action, there is a reaction, they say. This also teaches the idea that in order to have an ultimately satisfying life, every decision should be well thought of, and planned accordingly, in order to avoid unlikely situations, as well as present an opportunity for learning.

Consider this situation. One day, you are rushing out of your home, on your way to work, and suddenly you remembered that you forget your car keys, as well as your house keys inside your house. You would automatically think that this is a bad day, and may even lead on to thinking that the rest of the day would also prove to be negative because of the prior experience early on.

If you are a person who believes in destiny, you would gladly dismiss the thought of your being careless. You would simply believe that it was set to happen. On the other hand, freewill will simply allow you to learn from the situation, and act according to it. Therefore, if you are faced with such a situation, your freewill will push you to look for a solution right away. This might mean searching here for a reliable locksmith in your area, and hiring its services. Then you move on with the rest of your activities for the day.




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