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Daily Hoscopes

From online daily horoscopes to monthly horoscopes in magazines, it's easy to see how astrological predictions can intrigue us and often be a part of our everyday lives. Generally, such horoscopes tend to focus on the same general themes such as how love, work or health issues affect our lives. These types of horoscopes are derived from sun sign astrology. Sun sign astrology is widely popular because of its simplicity and ease of use especially for those who want quick advice from the daily horoscopes section found in almost every newspaper.
Sun sign astrology is a form of Horoscopic astrology. Horoscopic astrology uses a chart to make predictions based on the relative patterns of planets and stars. In its original meaning, a "horoscope" literally was a celestial chart one could use to make predictions for each astrological sign of the Zodiac. This form of astrology was first developed in Hellenistic Egypt about two-thousand years ago at around the same time Cleopatra lived and ruled.
However, there are other forms of Horoscopic astrology that are much more complicated and can provide much more elaborate predictions about our future. Take for instance Electional astrology. This form of Horoscopic astrology is focused on events and was sometimes used in the past by military leaders to plan upcoming battles! While the use of Electional astrology is no longer a part of modern warfare, it still exists and is commonly used today to predict the ideal time to plan important events such as weddings or business meetings.
Even more complex is Horary astrology, a method that uses Horoscopic astrology to answer specific questions. Horary astrology takes a lot of different factors into consideration including the natal chart of the person involved, current planetary influences, and also the complex motivations and factors surrounding the situation behind the question.
Mundane astrology is a branch of astrology that was especially significant centuries ago when astrology was applied to political affairs and global events. It was used to explain both the past and also to predict the future. Mundane astrology examined the relationship between nations and possible connections between geological and astronomical phenomena.
The final branch of Horoscopic astrology is also probably the most famous one. Natal astrology relies on the principle that a person's life path can be explained with the use of their personal natal chart. Horoscopic astrology is used both to construct the Natal chart and to analyze the interactions between various celestial influences present in the moment of the person's birth. Natal astrology is still widely popular today and natal chart calculators can be found on the Internet.
While a daily horoscope is great for its simplicity and ease of use, it's still good to know that there are also more refined methods in astrology available to us if we ever want to use them.


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