Creating Your Own Tarot Card Meanings

By Creating Your Own Tarot Card Meanings, Your Readings Can Become Much Deeper And Richer

Images used in cards have the same Tarot card meanings because they are universal, but the situation of the person at any particular time influences the way the messages are understood. When the cards are pulled in a Tarot reading, you may pay more attention to a certain object at one time and a different object or color on another day. In the same way, different emotions may be attached to certain colors or objects at any particular time. Both the images, your emotions and your current situation will help you determine the Tarot meanings as they apply to you. As you study the cards, pay attention to your thoughts, memories, feelings or sensations that are evoked by the images.

Several techniques are used in working with Tarot cards. Try the following to learn the best one for you.

Describing the images

One technique is describing what you see when looking at an image. For instance, the Fool may seem a bit foolhardy on some days, about to fall over a cliff into disaster because of not paying attention to what is before him. At another time, the same Fool may seem adventurous and confident, able to survive whatever disaster lies ahead. Or on a different day, the Fool may decide to move further from the cliff to a safer position and not make the leap after all. Studying the image this way helps you to become consciously aware of your real feelings and thoughts on your situation or difficult decisions awaiting you. Pay attention to these elements and let them surface until you have clarity.

Start a conversation

Another technique during a Tarot reading is to imagine having a conversation with a symbol or character on a card. After studying the card awhile, close your eyes and bring the image to mind. Open them and look at the card again, close them and remember them. Keep repeating this until you can bring the card to memory while your eyes are closed.

Once the card is fixed in your memory, with your eyes closed, call the symbol or character to mind and imagine approaching it. Talk to him or her and express your thanks for coming to help you. Then ask the character what message he or she is bringing to you.

When you hear an answer, open your eyes and write down the experience you have just had and how you have reacted to the message. In this way, you may gain enough useful information from the imaginary conversation to determine the Tarot card meanings.


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