Color In Tarot Readings

Color In Tarot Readings
Understanding the use and meaning of color in tarot reading.

Color evokes reactions and can be a powerful tool for the expression of one’s thoughts and experiences. Most Tarot decks are printed in color. Not only is this an expression of the artist’s vision, it also deepens the symbolism of the Tarot. In tarot reading, color symbolism is used to represent feelings, concepts and ideas. Color not only enhances the imagery of the Tarot, it also can influence a tarot card’s meaning. Learning how to understand these colors will ultimately help you identify the feeling, mood or ambience of a particular card. It can also help you develop your own personal associations to the cards.

Some colors can be really pronounced during a reading. This is usually an indication that there is something you need to pay attention to. It’s important to ask yourself how this color is influencing your interpretation. It’s also important to explore your feelings in relation to a particular color. Sometimes your own particular emotions can tell you a great deal about the person you may be reading for.

As an overall rule, light colors tend to relate to the conscious mind while darker colors relate to the unconscious or subconscious. Light colors can also represent clarity and perspective. Dark colors, on the other hand, can often be associated to deep emotions or the realm of dreams. When there is a strong contrast or juxtaposition of colors, such as black and white, there is often a reference to a duality between conflicting influences.

When ever you work with a new Tarot deck it’s always a good idea to thoroughly examine the choice of colors the artist used in their design. Not all decks share the same color spectrums. Some artist may choose to work in pastels, while others will choose vibrant and saturated colors. Some artists will prefer a darker palette while other artists may prefer a lighter one.

As you develop your own tarot reading skills, you will come to discover that these variants can be applied to different types of readings. For example, a darker deck may be great for tarot readings on dreams or the unconscious while a deck with softer palates may be useful for spiritual readings. Colors should always add to the tarot reading experience. In the end, the colors of a deck need to speak to you as the tarot reader.

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