Clarifying Cards in Tarot Reading

Clarifying Cards in Tarot Reading
Tarot Reading: Using Clarifying Cards

In tarot reading, there are often times when a tarot reader will draw extra cards to clarify the interpretation of a particular reading. These extra tarot cards are known as clarifying cards. Depending on the tarot reader, clarifying cards can be used in conjunction with whatever tarot spread the reader chooses to use.

Some tarot readers prefer to uses clarifying cards during their tarot reading while others will use them after. In either case, clarifying cards are used to augment the overall reading, often shedding light on areas that need further exploration.

Clarifying cards are also used in a tarot reading when the tarot reader may be struggling with a particular card or tarot card meaning. Every time a new tarot card is pulled, it deepens the meaning of the tarot reading. If a tarot reader misses something the first time around, clarifying cards can keep help get the tarot reading back on track. When a new card is placed in a spread it can change the relationships of the cards and can shift the direction and interpretation of the reading.

Some tarot readers avoid clarifying cards altogether. Many feel that if a tarot reader needs to pull a clarifying card, they may be missing important information in the initial reading. They feel that clarifying cards are a product of being lazy or noncommittal to the initial reading.

Using clarifying cards in a tarot reading is a personal choice. It’s important to remember that there is no wrong or right approach to tarot reading. You need to choose what works for you. In the end, clarifying cards can certainly add to the quality of a tarot reading. It’s really up to you to decide.


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