Caring For Your New Tarot Deck

How To Care and Bond With Your Tarot Card Deck

After you have decided explore the world of Tarot reading and have purchased a Tarot deck of your own, there are some things you should do before you actually begin your readings. You need to make the deck your own, develop a personal connection with it. There are several measures you can take to help cement a reader/deck connection.

Give Your Cards Space and Pamper Them

As soon as you can, you should take the cards out of their box and/or remove the confining and sterile cellophane wrap. Consider it an experience similar to being born, or taking a first life giving breath. Handle them and work with them. You will absorb their energy, and they will absorb yours. They will continue to absorb the energy of people who handle them over the years, including the people for whom you will perform a tarot card reading. It is a good idea to find or make a little sack or box in which to keep them, one that suits you. If you purchased the deck with the intent of selling it years down the road for a profit, by all means keep the original box, but if not, throw it away and find a container that suits you and your cards.

Treat Your Cards as an Extension of You

Wherever you travel, you should take your cards with you. They can be carried in your purse, backpack, or briefcase. This will allow you the freedom to develop a sense of spontaneity with your cards. You will have them for social gatherings for reading and discussions, and you will have them for your own personal use whenever the urge comes over you. Always having them with you gives you more opportunities to practice and become more proficient. If you have the cards on hand, more people will be likely to agree to a reading.

How to Recharge Your Cards

Some tarot card readers recharge and cleanse their cards. They may feel the need to do this because there have been some intense, or even unpleasant readings, and they want to free the cards of the negative energy. Some ritualistic measures that recharge and purify include spreading them out overnight, in the moonlight, or in the sunlight. This can be an occasional process or one in which you choose to engage on a regular basis, perhaps at some point in the cycle of the moon.


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