Aries as the Emperor Tarot Card

In Tarot Reading, The Zodiac Sign Of Aries is Represented By The Emperor Tarot Card

Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, brings with it spring and the energy of new life. It represents rebirth into nature's cycle of life after the earth has lain dormant and the crops fallow during the winter months. Every sign rules an area of the body, and Aries relates to the head and face. Just as Aries people make good leaders and directors, the head leads and directs the body itself. The Emperor Tarot card represents forceful energy and rulership, and those who relate Tarot signs to astrology signs connect the Emperor with the sign of Aries. The element of Aries is fire, which can behave both productively and destructively, depending on the force behind it. As a symbol of human desires, Aries also relates to the human drive to express our sexuality, our inner fire and our creativity.

We can consider the Emperor as the one who guides or directs the fire of Aries. Alone, this fire would drive human beings to follow their every impulse, whether for good or for ill, until the fire burned itself out. Instead, the guiding hand of the Emperor allows us to channel this fiery energy into creativity or necessary destruction. The Emperor Tarot card brings order from chaos and cultivates civilization. The Emperor card reveals that when we as humans harness our energy, we rise above acting impulsively like beasts and become the rulers of our domain, co-creating with the spirit of the universe. When one's life seems to be spinning out of control or one seems to go around and around in the same circles, calling on the Emperor will gift one with balance and the ability to step into her true power and take control of her life.

It is important to watch out for his negative side, however. He can also embody a disdainful, autocratic ruler who behaves passive-aggressively towards those around him. Because he believes he is the only one who can successfully take care of responsibilities, he takes on too much and then takes it out on others. One can learn the lessons of the Emperor without having to fall into this state, however, simply by remaining mindful and aware and stopping oneself before this stage occurs by pausing for reflection, saying no and delegating.

Archetypes of the Emperor include King Arthur, King Solomon and Lao Tzu, the founder of Taoism who taught the way of balance in all things. One may take the Emperor Tarot card in its highest form to represent using the mind's power in an effective fashion. When performing a Tarot reading where the Emperor falls, it is important to note the other Tarot cards near him to understand where such mental discipline and wisdom should be directed.


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