Are You Tempted By Tarot?

If there’s one thing that everyone’s heard of its Tarot Cards. We’ve all heard of, or have experienced them at some point in our lives.

What Are They?

Tarot Cards are a series of 78 cards drawn out by a ‘psychic’ who can then use them to tell your future.

The practice dates back as far the as middle of the 15th century, although used as part of an ordinary card game.

Tarot cards eventually began to be used by various mystics and occult practitioners in the 18th century, who believed the cards held some sort of mystical ability to predict ones future.

The cards are read by their appearance and where they are positioned and what the other cards around them are, there are different lay outs for the cards, from the cross formation to the staff.

Why Use Them?

Although they can’t answer any specific questions, you have to go into a Tarot card reading with an open mind, making yourself prepared for vague answers that don’t really answer anything and leave a lot up to your personal interpretation.

Are They Popular?

Most people view them as absolute hogwash and as legitimate as sightings of Bigfoot, it still doesn’t detract from the fact that there’s a dedicated audience that clamours for it so much that setting up shop as a psychic who specialises in Tarot cards can be quite the lucrative business.

A cursory glance at any high street or remote shopping centre and you’ll likely see more than a handful of so called psychic shop owners offering Tarot card readings and aura readings.

In fact psychics are so popular that some places hold special Bingo tarot psychic combination nights, where those who attend can have their readings done by a professional psychic.

Not only do they access to one of the local psychics, they also get to participate in a grand old game of bingo with cash prizes and the occasional exclusive appointment with the resident psychic being up for grabs as well.

However you would think the psychic would be able to tell what bingo cards are going to pay out meaning they wouldn’t need to charge for their services at the bingo nights as they so often do as they could just pick a winning card easily using their ‘abilities’.

Why You Should Probably Avoid Them

Most of these ‘psychics’ have ridiculously large prices for their sessions with prices for one individual reading often reaching the absurd amount of £50 per person for 15 minutes.

But in the end no matter what you’re into, be it bingo or tarot, as long as you’re having a good time who are we to judge, we just ask that you maybe have a second thought about coughing out the family savings for something a bunch of cards told you.



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