10 Tips for Giving Tarot Readings

The Ten Most Important Tips For Giving Tarot Readings For Others

Tarot readings are as fun to do for the tarot reader as they are for the client. A good reader has spent a great deal of time learning the meanings and tarot symbolism that the cards represent and the many spreads that are available to use. If you feel comfortable with your own abilities at reading the cards, you too can become a professional tarot card reader.

Reading for others can be a little complicated as there are different energies at work. This is the time to practice with other people and begin answering their questions. Each reading will be different and you will improve over time as you gain experience. Her are the top ten tips for doing tarot readings for others:

1- It is good to discuss with your client what both of you want to achieve through the tarot reading. For the reader, it means explaining how your deck works and what the cards may predict or may not predict. Most likely the tarot will reveal future events, so it is a good idea to tell your client that the events will have the potential to come to fruition. However, it’s always a good idea to let your client know that the cards are set in stone.  The reading will reveal the best path to encourage or avoid these future events. Let the client know that the cards will tell them what they need to hear at the present time. It may or may not have to do with the answers that they may be seeking.

Make sure that the client understands that the cards may not even answer their question. Their questions may not need to be known at this time. Inform your client that positive as well as negative information may be revealed through the reading. It is important that your client is comfortable and ready to start the reading.

2 – Decide what spread you will use for the reading. Would the Celtic Cross or another spread give you more specific information that your client desires to know? You may have your client shuffle the deck, thinking about their question. Tell them to cut the tarot deck and place three piles on the table then combine them so that they are one stack.

3 – Place the stack of cards face down holding them in your palm. Center yourself and talk to your spirit guide or deity (or whatever you hold dear to your heart) and pray that the answers you receive will be clear, interpreted correctly and that the client will receive a constructive reading.

4 – You may want to deal the deck from the top down until your spread is complete. Then turn the cards up one at a time and read what they say or you may want to lay them face up and start reading them as a spread. I prefer to do the second choice, it builds up energy which gives a good interpretations.

5 – If you wish to do reverse interpretations of the cards, the reader will rotate the card from left to right, instead of flipping it over. This is to make sure that the cards are in their starting positions. However you interpret the cards, you must place them in the spread the way you wish instead of what the client wants.

6 – As you read the cards, go by how the cards feel to you and the inspiration that you feel as you look at them. Notice if there is a suit that repeats itself or one card stands out from the others. There may be many thoughts and inspirations that clamor for your attention. If these things are not happening then you may want to read each card one by one and then put them together for a in depth reading.

When reading:

Read each card alone and then consider how the other cards around the card influence it.

Consider how the cards in the spread relate to the clients inquiry.

7 – Give the client an opportunity to talk about what the cards are saying. This will provide another way to interpret what they are saying. Tarot card reading is for connecting and communication between you two.

8 – Every reader has problems receiving input from the cards. No matter how hard you try they will not always respond to your question. Consider that some other factors may be at work.

Your client may be hard for you to read or they may not be ready or want an answer to the question. The client's inquiry may not have been to the point of what they want to know. Perhaps the pressure to perform is getting to you. Inhale deeply and center yourself and express your feelings to the client. That may clear away the block. Include the client in the reading. Their feelings and thoughts may give you the inspiration that you need to continue.

9 – Be honest with your client to what the cards are telling you. If a negative situation will occur in the future, do not sweep the information under the rug. Tell your client about it and advise them.

10 – At the conclusion of the reading, summarize what the cards have told the client. Ask if they have any questions or if they have anything else they desire to know. Once the client has left, hold the cards and thank them for the reading and the advice they gave.

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